Coronavirus Volunteer

Event purpose: Response to COVID-19

As you know the situation of the Coronavirus in the world is worst day by day. Bangladesh is densely populated. The current situation is not good in worldwide. In today the total number of people who are affected by Coronavirus is 1,79,111 confirmed by WHO. Among them 7,426 people are dead. In a present situation in Bangladesh, a total of 20 people are infected with this virus and one person is already dead. The World Health Organization(WHO) has already declared it a pandemic.

In this situation, Shodagor International LTD wants to take a step to create awareness and let the people know about this Coronavirus, and what we should do and what we don’t.

That’s why Shodagor is recruiting volunteers to form an emergency response team. All the volunteers will be given proper safety equipment and brief before any task.


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