• Body massagers

    • Body massagers¬†
    • stock: available piece
    • minimum quintity: 10 piece
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    Tone up your body in all the right places with these ankle weight

    Strengthens upper body muscles, trims your waistline, burns excess calories

    Stretches for your back and spine

    ৳ 105.00 Per Picec

    Body massagers

    ৳ 105.00 Per Picec MOQ: 10
  • SOLEX Double Head Heating Massager

    SOLEX Double Head Heating Massager

    • Handheld massager with infrared heating and double massage hammers.
    • Dual function of massage and vibration for effective massage
    • Ergonomically designed long handle to maximise reach and comfort
    • Speed control mechanism to adjust speed and intensity of vibration as per need
    • Comes with two detachable massager heads in dimpled & brush shape
    ৳ 1,260.00 Per Piece

    SOLEX Double Head Heating Massager

    ৳ 1,260.00 Per Piece MOQ: 5
  • KIYOME KINOKI Detox Foot Pads

    Product Description:

    • Dispel toxins and maintain beauty.
    • Relax muscles & tendons and eliminate internal moisture.
    • Replenish vital essence and strengthening the kidney.
    • Promote sleeping and relieve fatigue.
    • Beautify foot and clear odour.
    • 1 Box = 10 Pads
    ৳ 227.00 Per Box

    KIYOME KINOKI Detox Foot Pads

    ৳ 227.00 Per Box MOQ: 24

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