• 4-20mA High Accuracy RS485 GML601-C High Precision Small Blind Spot Ultrasonic Level Transmitter

    GML601-C High Precision Small Blind Spot Ultrasonic Level Transmitter

    Product Overview     

    GML601-C high precision small blind spot ultrasonic level transmitter is developed by our company for small blind zone, high precision and small space working condition control. China’s first ultrasonic ranging product with a blind zone of less than 0.06m and an accuracy of ± 1mm (has won the National Science and Technology Innovation Fund Project Award, Chongqing High-tech New Product, and Chongqing Key New Product). The shell is made of ABS engineering plastic waterproof shell, the probe part is PP or stainless steel, the shell is small and very sturdy; the transparent main cover is designed for easy observation and display. The main chip adopts imported industrial-grade

    single-chip microcomputers, digital temperature compensation, and ultra-wide voltage input voltage regulators, including dozens of related application-specific integrated circuits, to make the product performance more stable and more reliable. It has strong anti-interference ability. It can set the upper and lower limit nodes and online output adjustment arbitrarily through the host computer software. It can choose analog quantity, switch quantity and RS485 output, which is convenient to interface with related facilities. It has high reliability, no pollution, stable performance, and can meet most liquid level and material level measurement requirements without contacting industrial media. It completely solves the shortcomings of entanglement, blockage, leakage, medium corrosion and inconvenience caused by traditional measurement methods such as pressure, capacitance, and float. Therefore, it can be widely used in various fields related to material level and liquid level measurement and control. This product has been inspected and approved by the national authority. This product complies with the national standard requirements of GB3836.1-2010 and GB3836.4-20010. The explosion-proof mark is ExiaIIBT4Gb.

    Technical Parameter                                                                                                                                                                  

    Range 1m, 2m (selected when ordering)
    Dead zone <0.06-0.15m (different from range)
    Launch angle Less than 6 ° (depending on the sensor)

    Minimum display


    Maximum error Less than ± 1mm, less than ± 1.5mm (different from range)
    Working frequency 40KHz~430.0KHz (different due to model specifications)



    Automatic temperature compensation

    Four-digit eight-segment LED digital tube, OLED Chinese and English menu

    (with self-luminous)

    Site setup Completed by local keys
    Calibration Factory calibration and field calibration
    Output (selected when ordering)
    Analog output signal

    0~20mA; 4~20mA load> 300Ω; 0~5V; 1~5V; 0~10V;


    Digital output RS485 (supports Modbus)
    Switch output Triple NPN
    Operating Voltage DC12-24V
    Power consumption <1.5W
    Physical properties

    Φ74mm × 92mm × M30 (stainless steel);

    Φ74mm × 117mm × G1 1/2 (ABS)

    Installation method M30 × 1.5, G1 1/2
    shell material ABS engineering plastics;
    Transducer Stainless steel or ABS engineering plastic
    Keypad Three-position patch A, B, C keyboard
    Outlet method Meter standard socket or cable 1.5M (optional arbitrary length)
    Environmental performance
    Protection class IP65 (customizable higher protection level)



    EXiaII BT4Gb (selected when ordering)



    Temperature and pressure
    Storage humidity ≤80% RH without condensation

    Product Features 

    1. Sturdy and stable sensor suitable for harsh industrial occasions

    2. Strong anti-interference, can set the upper and lower limit nodes and online output adjustment

    3. Built-in temperature sensor in the transducer, real-time automatic temperature compensation of measured values

    4.4~20MA current output, optional fieldbus interface

    5.The first domestic 0.06m small blind spot level gauge

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