• Small size IP68 high accurary RS485 cheap card type ultrasonic water meter

    GMF200-S Card type Ultrasonic Water Meter

    Product features
    ● Small and compact all plastic, IP68 protection level
    ● High accuracy 100:1 turndown ratio
    ● Pipe body probe, not easy to scale
    ● Adaptive ultrasonic signal can measure water with impurities
    ● Single chip SOC digital time difference processing
    ● Multi-line with status display, touch key operation
    ● Optional built-in Lora or NB-iot function
    ● Dual interface RS485 and MBUS
    ● MODBUS, MBUS, CJ188 and other multiple communication protocols
    ●Can work with external power supply
    ● Built-in battery 10 years working life
    ●Reliable and low price suitable for mass application

    Product parameter

    GMF200 Series Ultrasonic Water Meter
    Model GMF200-S
    Executive standard ISO4064-2005, GB/T778-2007, JJG162-2009
    Measuring fluid Water, sewage, sea water (other fluids need to be customized), and filled with pipe sections
    Fluid temperature 0.1~+30°C
    Working environment Temperature: -30 ° C ~ +45 ° C; humidity ≤ 100% (RH)
    Under pressure 1.6Mpa
    Pressure loss No pressure loss
    Upstream flow field U5
    Downstream flow field D3
    Security Level Class C
    Electromagnetic Compatibili E2 level
    Communication Interface RS-485/USART/infrared
    Output signal Two isolated OCT or TTL pulse output / 1 two-wire 4-20mA analog output

    Power supply

    Built-in lithium battery (3.6V, 19Ah) / external DC8~30V DC power supply / two-wire 4-20mA power supply
    Protection level IP68 (can work 2 meters underwater)

    Local display

    Dual line display includes 9-bit cumulative, 4-bit instantaneous flow, and various status prompts and units

    Data storage

    Use FRAM/FLASH storage parameters to automatically record the cumulative flow of the first 512 days
    Flow measurement cycle Measurement status: 1 time/second; verification status: 4 times/second
    Power consumption Battery used for 20 years
    Dimensional drawing (mm) specific size, please contact the manufacturer
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