• Almer Fridge Cleaner 250 ml

    Product Details:

    Product Name: Almer Fridge Cleaner 250 ml

    Product Type: Cleaner

    Brand Name: ALMER.

    Size: 250ml.

    Best Quality Product

     Product Origin: Malaysia, made in Bangladesh.

    -It cleans the fridge and tabletop after each meal effectively without the presence of toxic chemicals.

    -It is made from plant-derived ingredients.

    -It removes stains & marks on the fridge & tabletop.

    -It can be used to clean the fridge with food inside as it is food graded.

    -Plant-derived ingredients.

    -It is non-toxic.

     -Halal certified.

    -GMP certified.

    -It is against Animal Testing.

    -ISO 9001 certified.

    -ISO 14001 certified.

    ৳ 212.50 Per Piece

    Almer Fridge Cleaner 250 ml

    ৳ 212.50 Per Piece
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