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Shipping Policy


de tempête mission is “To be the Leading provider of financial services, empowering the transformation of the economically active people.” At Opportunity de tempête we strive to provide outstanding customer service. Professional and knowledgeable staffs are empowered to serve all customers in a friendly manner with courtesy and respect.

This policy is aimed at providing staff with knowledge and skills necessary to provide a differentiated service to both existing and potential customers. With the current competitive environment in the Financial Sector of our economy, we can only stay ahead of competition only if we can delight our customers with quality service at all times.

  • Introduction

This policy is designed to develop an organizational culture focused on meeting the needs and expectations of the customer and continuously improving services for the customer.

  1. de tempête aims at providing high quality and efficient service to its customers. This policy framework has been designed to provide a comprehensive benchmark against, which the current service delivery will be assessed and form buildings block for improving the delivery of service to customers.
  2. The customer-care policy will help Opportunity to continuously improve service by setting corporate standards for all staff while setting a baseline of standards, which can be used in the future. The service standards will help Opportunity de tempête to benchmark the efficiency of services provided to customers and help develop consistent levels of customer service throughout the organization.
  • Policy statement

We pledge that:

  1. We will treat customers with dignity, fairness, and respect, free from discrimination
  2. We will make every possible effort to provide responsive and affordable financial products and transformational services to customers
  3. We will show the pricing of our products clearly to customers including all fees and charges
  4. We will not knowingly overburden you with debt or other services
  5. While debt collection practices must include energetic pursuit of defaulters, we will treat defaulting clients with dignity
  6. We will make clear the manner in which our products and services work, our commitments, and the contractual obligations and responsibilities
  7. Should a problem arise, our goal is to resolve the matter through prompt and fair reconciliation with customers
  8. We will do what we say we will do
  9. We will continue to resource, equip and support you toward transformational life change
  10. We will listen to customers and take their views, wishes and needs seriously
  11. We will make sure that our employees are trained to give customers the help and advice that customers need
  • Policy Objective:
    1. To listen, understand and respond often in unique and creative ways to the evolving needs and constantly shifting expectations of our customers
    2. To clearly communicate our superior service vision to employees at every level, and ensure that service quality is personally and positively important to everyone in the organization
    3. To establish concrete standards of service quality and regularly measure ourselves against those standards
    4. To ensure that right people are hired, trained extensively so they have the knowledge and skills to achieve the service standards
    5. To ensure that staff who go one step beyond the expected actions for customer service are recognized and rewarded as individuals or as a group
  • Principals:
    1. Each staff member is accountable for the quality of customer service delivered through their own work or the quality of output of any project or work team(s) of which they are a member
    2. Directors/CEO, head of departments/Service, Managers, Senior Associates are responsible for developing a customer focused work ethic in their teams and empowering staff to undertake more customer focused decision making
    3. Management will provide staff with the appropriate tools, information and training to provide quality customer service
  • Our Values:

Our values are those shared assumptions and beliefs, which really influence our behavior. They are the ‘cultural glue’ of our organization as well as our beliefs. We live them and exhibit them in all that we do.

They are our driving force to achieving excellent service standards. Our values are;

  1. Integrity
  2. Respect
  3. Commitment
  4. Stewardship
  • Our Products/Services

As Opportunity de tempête we shall offer products/ Services that are suitable and clear to our customers. All staff have to familiarize themselves with the product pack in order to sell the Institution products effectively and hence serve our customers better.

Services are as following:

  1. Finance & Accounting BPO
  2. Tax & VAT Advisory
  3. Management Consulting
  4. Project Finance & Banking Advisory
  5. HR & Payroll Management
  6. Business Automation
  7. Compliance Legal Affairs
  8. Corporate Training & Mentoring
  • Our Expertise:

Our professional team consists of young, energetic, at the same time creative and professional people. The team boasts of a number of finest talents, having ACCA, FCA, CIPFA, CIMA, CISA, IIAB background.

We are in a position to understand and meet the specific needs and requirements of every industry. We help our clients to readily identify the financial indicators and performance, enabling them to make the right decisions at the right time. One of the strong areas of service is the use of specialized software, that save your valuable time, and significantly reduces overhead cost on account of in-house staff.

  • Confidentiality Statement:

We're proud to work with successful organizations who rely on our services to maintain and grow their businesses.

We provide a full range of professional services for both local and international clients. Ethically we are pledge bound to maintain client’s confidentiality with topmost priority. Our teammates of financial analysts, payroll specialists, certified business accountants and software specialists are well known for providing top-notch business support to our clients.

  • Policy implication:

This policy documented will apply to all members of staff. Every member of staff must comply with the policy as described and documented. Head of service, Managers, Senior Associates are responsible for the implementation and monitoring of the policy. They must discuss it with staff and ensure that the policy is available to them for reference when required.

  • Service policy and standards:
  1. As much as possible customers should be allowed to take part in decision-making. This will strengthen our relationship with customers and increase customer loyalty
  2. The Customer should always be given 100% attention when being spoken to
  3. Ask questions to cross-check your understanding
  4. Customers should be educated by giving them as much information as possible and that which is relevant to their situation
  5. Realistic expectations should be set by explaining to the customer what can and cannot be done. Agree the appropriate action to be taken and explain any limitations to the customer’s request. The expected date for results should be communicated to the customer.
  6. Confirm customer satisfaction and conclude by thanking her/him, extend an invitation to call again and wish her/him a nice day.
  7. All staff should be knowledgeable about business products/Service and requirements
  8. Before the close the service, the staff member must ensure that all instructions are clearly signed and checked against all requirements. Confirm understanding by repeating instructions to the customer.
  9. If in doubt, always ask your supervisor/Manager.


Ensure to follow up on any agreed action and call the customer to give him feedback without waiting for him/her to call you first. If with genuine reason results are not received within the specified time, call the customer, explain why it was not possible to deliver as expected and apologize for the delay. This courtesy and personalized service will go a long way in achieving customer trust and loyalty.

  • Know your client/Customer:
    1. Take keen interest in the customer by finding out more about them e.g. Who they are, what business they are engaged in, who their customers are, their family etc.? (Do not pressure them if they are not willing to reveal this information)
    2. This information can provide more about business issues and status and requirements.
    3. It will help us discover and anticipate customer’s needs so as to fulfill them.
    4. It will also enhance positive identification
    5. Knowing your customer also will help to curb frauds
  • Verbal/ Non-verbal, Written, Telephone communication:

This is the most common form of communication, which involves speaking and listening to people face-to-face or via the telephone. Therefore, when speaking to both internal and external customers, we should endeavor to be: Courteous, Polite, Civil, Respectful.

Non-verbal communication includes facial expressions, tone of voice, eye contact, expressive movements, gestures, postures etc. Non-verbal communication is more important in understanding human behavior and is more powerful than verbal communication. Being aware of our own body language enables us to ensure that we are sending out appropriate signals in a particular situation. Therefore staff; Should sit upright, lean slightly forward to indicate your undivided attention to what the person is saying, maintain eye contact well aware of your body language, listen carefully for what has not been said, the hidden meaning. This will make you understand the situation more clearly.

Letters create a favorable or unfavorable image of the Institution on a customer’s mind. Therefore, letters should be well presented, clear and concise and contain accurate information. The language used should be appropriate and polite in tone. When writing to customers, we should respond within 48 hours, Make a draft before responding, Thank customer for writing, if we are replying, Bear in mind who you are writing to, Refer directly to the subject of inquiry or concern, Be brief and to the point, Use simple positive language, not technical terms or jargon, Check spelling and grammar and end by conveying personal responsibility if it was a complaint.

  • Customer Complaints & Responds:

Customer complaints are a symptom of problems in the assignments and are therefore an opportunity to improve. They should therefore be received with a positive attitude. So therefore,

  1. Always acknowledge the problem, do not justify it. Customers are not interested in your problems; just want to know what you are going to do about their problem.
  2. Show concern (empathize) and apologize, do not make excuses
  3. Do not pass customers from one person to another when they have a complaint. However, if you fail to resolve a problem, then let the customer know who you are passing them to and why and explain to the person the customer’s problem.
  4. Do not take it personally, point fingers or match wits with the customer
  5. Give immediate solution or promise action by a specific date. Do not make unrealistic promises you cannot keep! Endeavor to promise what you can deliver.
  6. Keep record of the complaint and ensure it is followed up to a conclusive end and the customer contacted upon completion.
  7. For telephone complaints: If a customer calls in to complain, give the customer a chance to air their grievances rather than talking over them.
  8. Attitude- A positive attitude helps in handling the problem successfully
  9. Acknowledgement- Listen carefully, ask open-ended questions, check your understanding, and acknowledge there is cause for complaint, show empathy
  10. Agreement-Discuss possible solutions, offer options, reach an agreed satisfactory mutual solution
  11. Action-Keep the customer informed at all times, implement what was agreed. Call the customer to confirm that the problem has been satisfactorily solved.


Always ensure that the customer’s complaint has received proper attention, whether an immediate solution has been found or not. Customers will tend to be more forgiving if you are truthful with them.


This policy cannot be fully implemented by individual efforts. It is expected that all staff will contribute towards the achievement of our goals. Remember “TEAM EFFORTS”

  1. Together with Customers
  2. Everyone Are the
  3. Achieves goal and Reason we
  4. More Exist

Refund Policy

When the party has serious doubts whether the service provider will achieve the result, or has ascertained the result is not achieved, the party will tell the service provider as soon as is reasonably possible. The party will give the consultant a reasonable time to fix the problem and (if possible) to re-perform any relevant services. This will be done without any additional charge to the party.

Cancellation / Return / Exchange Policy

If the service provider is unable or unwilling to do this within a reasonable time then the party may by written notice to the service provider immediate related to the services provider. Party may terminate at any time, upon presentation of a applicable days (vary as service time frame) notice given to the other party. 

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