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  • Smart Oxygen concentrate machine, German Brand

    Intelligent sterilization.

    Voice for help.

    Intelligent alarm.

    Concentration monitoring.

    HD touch screen.

    Intelligent ultraviolet sterilization accessories box.

    A key to open the sterilization function, oxygen is more assured.

    25 minute timed sterilization.

    UV sterilization inspection certificate.

    Built in high frequency negative ion transmitter.

    Specially designed negative ion function to make the supplement oxygen cleaner.

    Intelligent voice broadcast, a key foe help.

    Simulation human voice operation instruction, fast, easy and accurate.

    Let special supplement oxygen people get timly help at any time.

    Germany Thomas Compressor Sino foreign joint venture compressor, stable oxygen output and high flow.

    Intelligent Fault alarm.

    3 large system failure automatic alarms-

    • Compressor failure alarm.
    • Separation valve failure alarm.
    • Cooling fan failure alarm.
    ৳ 38,000.00 Per Piece
    Sold By: ATABD

    Smart Oxygen concentrate machine, German Brand

    ৳ 38,000.00 Per Piece MOQ: 1
  • Non Contact Thermometer

    NonContact ThermometersNoncontact thermometers, also known as infrared (IR) thermometers, measure temperature from a distance. Every form of matter with a temperature above absolute zero (0 K) emits infrared radiation relative to its temperature. This is called characteristic radiation.
    ৳ 1,850.00 Per piece
    Sold By: ATABD

    Non Contact Thermometer

    ৳ 1,850.00 Per piece MOQ: 2

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