High Quality Awei P56K Power Bank 30000mAh

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High Quality Awei P56K Power Bank 30000mAh

Awei P56K is a universal external battery with fast charging technology. The most important characteristic
when comparing any portable chargers is their capacity, because it depends on it how many times the user can charge a particular mobile device. For comfortable daily use it is desirable that the battery capacity is at least
twice as large as that of the charged device. "Capacity" battery Awei P56K is 30 000 mAh, which is up to 15 times the capacity of the average smartphone. To connect, you can use as many as 3 USB ports, so it does not
matter what you are charging - tablet, smartphone, camera or all devices at the same time. With a portable P56K battery, you are no longer tied to a constant charge of mobile devices from the outlet, now you can replenish the charge of smart gadgets wherever you like.

External power bank from the company Awei appeared on sale more recently, but has already found its customers who appreciate the convenience and long life. You can choose between two classic colors - white and black, and a stylish minimalistic case with a thickness of only 17 mm emphasizes convenience and compactness. Power bank has a clear and easy-to-read display showing the current percentage of external battery charge. The current strength of 2 amperes allows you to quickly charge any modern digital equipment. Undoubtedly, the main advantages of high-capacity batteries are their service life and the number of full charge cycles of connected gadgets without replenishing the device itself. According to these indicators Awei P56K wins with many of its competitors.

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