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  • ENGINE TYPE: Diesel Engine
  • ENGINE SPECIFICATIONS: 4 cycles, water-cooled, vertical in-line 6, direct injection, turbocharger, intercooler, complied with European Off-way Tier III Emission standard and Chinese Off-way Tier III Emission standard.
  • Displacement: 7.79L
  • Rated power: 212kW/2000rpm
  • Operation power: 200kW/1800rpm
  • Max. Torque: 1080N·m/1500rpm
  • Cooling System: temperature-adjustable, pressurized water cycle system
  • Starter: 24V-5.0kW
  • Radiator: fin type core in aluminum
  • Air cleaner: Dry type main filter element, safety element core and resistance indicator
  • Throttle: Grip type hand throttle, electrically controlled
  • Fuel filter: Replaceable paper element
  • Batteries: Two 12V×180Ah capacity batteries, connected in series
  • Fuel tank capacity: 400L

Outline Dimension: –

  • Machine length: 15170 mm
  • Machine width (retracted): 5100 (3490) mm
  • Machine height: 3670 mm
  • Distance of centers between drive and idle wheels: 5436 mm
  • Track shoe width: 850 mm

Boom Configuration: –

  • Maximum rated load capacity: 80 ton
  • Boom length: 12.2~47 m
  • Boom angle: -1.5°~80°
  • Max. rated load moment: 300 t·m 

Jib Configuration:

  • Longest boom + longest jib: 47+17.5 m
  • Boom to jib angle: 0°、 15°、 30°

Operation Speed: –

  • Rope speed of main/aux. load hoist: 0~140 m/min
  • Boom full up/down duration:60/105 s
  • Boom full extension/retraction duration: 100/125 s
  • Swing speed: 0~2 rpm
  • Travel without load: 0~2.5 km/h

Wire Rope: –

  • Diameter: Φ 22 mm

Transport Parameter: –

  • Machine weight: 86 ton
  • Weight of largest single piece: 32 (dismantling main and auxiliary hook) ton
  • Transport dimensions of basic crane (dismantling crawler frame) length × width × height: 14610×3000×3100 mm

Other Parameters: –

  • Average ground bearing pressure (base boom): 0.09 MPa
  • Min. swing radius: 4500 mm
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Electrical Control System:

▪ SANY developed SYIC-II integrated control system is adopted with high integration, precise operation and reliable quality.

▪ Control system consists of power system, engine, main control system, LMI system, auxiliary system and safety monitoring system.

▪ CAN BUS be used for data communication between controller, monitor and the engine.

▪ Monitor: the working parameters and status are shown on the monitor, such as the engine speed, fuel volume, engine oil pressure, servo pressure, wind speed, engine working hours, lifting conditions and boom angle.

Hydraulic System:

▪ Main pumps: open variable displacement piston pumps of large displacement is adopted to provide oil supply for main actuators of main machine.

▪ Gear pump: dual gear pump for swing, radiator and control circuit.

▪ Control: main pump adopts electrically controlled positive flow control, winch motor adopts limitless adjustable piston motor of variable displacement. The operating components are two cross hydraulic handle, one hydraulic pedal for telescopic boom, one dual travel pedal control valve to control various actuator proportionally.

▪ Way of cooling: heat exchanger, fan core and multi-stage cooling.

▪ Filter: large flow, high precision filter, with bypass valve and transmitter, which can remind the user to replace the filter element in time.

▪ Max. Pressure of System:

Main/aux. load hoist and travel system: 32Mpa; Boom hoist cylinder: 32 Mpa; Swing system: 20 MPa; Control system: 5 MPa.

▪ Hydraulic Tank Capacity: 1100L.

Main/aux. Load Hoist Mechanism:

▪ Pump and motor: dual variable displacement with speed adjustable, to realize higher efficiency and lower down the energy. Winch balance valve combined with anti-hook sliding technology can make sure the load lifting steady.

▪ Winch brake adopts wet type and spring-loaded fin type normally engaged brake, spring force braking, oil pressure released;

▪ Main and aux. load hoist system adopts piston motor of variable displacement to drive planetary gearbox.

Boom Hoist Mechanism:

▪ dual-acting single piston hydraulic cylinder, with safety balance valve, and a luffing angle of -1.5°~ 80°. Luffing down through self-weight to reduce energy consumption and increase stability of luffing down operation.

Swing Mechanism:

▪ Swing brake adopts wet, spring loaded, normally closed brake, and braking through spring force.

▪ Swing system, equipped with integrated swing buffer valve, has free slipping function. It is featured in steady start, control and excellent inching function.

▪ Unique swing buffer design and steadier brake.

▪ Swing drive: external gear swing drive with 360° swing range, and the max. swing speed is 2r/min. The max. drive pressure can reach 20MPa.

▪ Swing lock: cylinder lock device can make sure the upper works can be locked on four directions after the work is done or during transport, which is more convenient and reliable.

▪ Swing ring: single row ball bearing.

Counter Weight:

▪ Counterweight are designed into blocks for self-assembly and easier transport.

▪ Counterweight tray and blocks are piled up for easier assembly and transport.

▪ Rear counterweight: total 26t and capable of self-assembly.

▪ Carbody counterweight: 3t×2 at thefront and rear of carbody.


▪ High-strength steel weld framework, with no torsion or deformation. The parts are laid out in the way that is easier for maintenance and service.

Cab and Control:

▪ Novel operator’s cab is bright with ample space, providing wider view and can tilt 20°. There are low and high-beam lights, back-view mirror, heater and A/C, radio and other functions. The layout of seat, handles, control buttons are designed with ergonomic principles to make operation more comfortable.

▪ Cab layout: Integrated 10.4-inch touch screen, programmable smart switches, vibration handles are offered as optional and man-machine interaction interface are more perfect.

▪ Armrest box: on the left and right armrest box are control handles, electrical switches, emergent stop and ignition switch. The armrest box can be adjusted along with the seat.

▪ Seat: multi-way and multi-level floating adjustable seat with unload switch.

▪ A/C: cool and heat air; optimized air channels and vents.

▪ Multiple cameras can be presented on the monitor at the same time to realize real-time monitoring of wire rope on each winch, conditions behind the counterweight and surrounding the machine.

Travel Drive:

▪ Independent travel driving units are adopted for each side of the crawler, to realize straight walking and turning driven by travel motor through gearbox and drive wheel.

▪ There are high-speed and low speed for travel as fast as 2.5km/h;

▪ Gradeability is 30%.

Travel Brake:

▪ Embedded, wet, spring-loaded and normally closed brake, which is braking with spring force and released by oil pressure.

Crawler Extension and Retraction

▪ The crawlers can extend and retract under high pressure provided by auxiliary system and electrically controlled cylinder.

During normal operation, the crawlers must be extended, and can be retracted during transport to stay on the machine.

Crawler Tensioning:

▪ The jack is used to push the guide wheel and insert the shim to adjust crawler tension.

Steering System:

▪ The machine is capable of pivot turning and single track turning.

Track Pad:

▪ High-strength alloy cast steel track pad can prolong the service life. They are 850mm wide, and the total amount is 52pcs x 2.

Track Roller:

▪ Maintenance-free track roller.


▪ Outrigger cylinder is offered to


▪ The boom is made of high-strength steel structure with U-shape section area, with five sections, of which the basic boom is 12.2m and the total length is 47m.

▪ Dual cylinder full power rope row telescoping.

Fixed Jib:

▪ Two lengths of fixed jib, 10.2m and 17.5m, each can be installed in angle 0°, 15°, 30°.

Boom Point Sheave Block:

▪ Weld structures, connected to the boom through pins and used for aux. hook.

Integrated LMI Control System:

▪ LMI control system is standard offering and it is calibration-free. It ensures the operation safety and improves efficiency.

▪ LMI system can automatically detect the load weight, working radius and boom angle, to compare with rated load weight and actual load, work radius and boom angle. In normal operation, it can make judgment and cut off the actions towards dangerous directions. It also acts as black box to record overload information.

▪ Composition: monitor, controller, length and angle sensor, pressure sensor.

Assembly/work mode control switch:

▪ In Assembly Mode, the over-hoist protection, LML are all off work to facilitate crane assembly.

▪ In Work Mode, all safety devices activate to protect the operation.

Emergent Stop:

▪ In emergent situation, this buttonis pressed down to cut off the power supply of whole machine and all actions stop.

Over-hoist Protection of the Main/ Auxiliary Hooks:

▪ Height limit device is installed at the tip of main boom and jib, which prevents the hook lift too much? When the hook lifts up to the limit height, the limit switch activates, buzzer on the left control panel sends alarm, and failure indicator light starts to flash, the hook hoisting action is cut off automatically.

Over-release Protection Device of the Main/Auxiliary:


▪ Three-wrap protector is installed on main and aux. load hoist winches to prevent over release of wire rope. When the rope is paid out close to the last three wraps, the limit switch acts, and the system sends alarm through buzzer and show the alarm on the instrument panel, automatically cutting off the winch action.

Function Lock:

▪ If the function lock level is not in work position, all the other handles won’t work, which prevents any mis-operation caused by accidental collision.

Swing Lock:

▪ Electrical lock is equipped, and swing action can only happen when the lock is released, to prevent any operational error and ensure the safety.

▪ The cylinder lock can lock the upper works at four directions.

Hook Latch:

▪ The lifting hook is installed with a baffle plate to prevent wire rope from falling off.

Monitoring System:

▪ Remote Monitoring system is a standardized offering to provide functions like GPS locating, GPRS data transfer, machine status inquiry and statistics, operating data monitoring and analysis, remote diagnosis of failures.

Tri-color Load Indicator:

▪ The load indication light has three colors, green, yellow and red, indicating the real time load. When the actual load is smaller than 90% of rated load, the green
light is on.

▪ When the actual load is>90% and≤100%, the yellow light is on, the alarm light flashes and sends out intermittent sirens.

▪ When the actual load reaches 100% of rated load, the red light on, the alarm light flashes and sends out continuous sirens.

▪ When the actual load is 102% of rated load, the system will automatically cut off the crane’s dangerous operation.

Flash Alarm

▪ When the LMI system is powered on, the flash alarm starts to flash.

Swing Indicator Light:

▪ The swing indicator light flashes during traveling or swing.

Seat interlock protection:

▪ If the operator leaves the seat, all control handles will be locked immediately to prevent any mis-operation due to accidental collision.

Illuminating Light:

▪ The machine is equipped with, low-beam light in front of machine, lamps in operator’s cab and boom lights, so as to increase the visibility during work.

Rearview Mirror:

▪ It is installed on the front of the operator’s cab and the handrail of the right platform and the winch.

Electronic Level Gauge:

▪ It can show the upper works tipping angle on the monitor.

Monitor system

▪ Two cameras and illumination lights are installed on the tail of rotating bed, which will show the conditions on the rear and winches on the monitor.

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Weight 86000 kg
Dimensions 14610 × 3000 × 3100 in
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