Digital High quality 360 degrees PIR Infrared motion sensor light lamp ceiling switch 110V / AC 220V / AC inlay sensor switch

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The motion detector adopts a good sensitivity detector, integrated circuit. It assembles automatic, convenient safe, economical and practical functions. It uses infrared energy from a person as a source of control signal, it can start the load immediately when one enters the detection field. It can detect day and night automatically. Easy to install and widely used.

Functions: 1. Define day and night automatically. It can regulate the ambient light according to your desire: when turning to the sun (max.) It will work during the daytime and at night. When turning to the moon (min) it will only work under circumstances less than 3 lux. Regarding adjustment, please refer to the testing method. 2. The time-delay is added constantly: when it receives a second induction signal after the first inductor, it will calculate the time again for the rest of the first time — the main delay (the set time). 3. Adjust the delay time: it can be set according to your desire. The minimum is 10 ± 3 seconds; Maximum 7 ± 2 min.

Installation: (as shown): 1. Turn off the power. 2. Move the clear vinyl cover to the bottom of the sensor. 3. Loosening the screws in the connection terminal, connecting the power and nominal load to the connection terminal of the sensor in accordance with the connection sketch map. 4. Tighten the screws; Place the transparent vinyl cover in the original station. 5. By folding the metal spring of the sensor up until they are in the “I” position with the sensor, then place the sensor in the hole or installation box that is in the ceiling, the size is similar to the product. Release the spring, the sensor will be installed in this installation position. 6. After installation is complete, the sensor can be powered up and tested.

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