Dove Shampoo- Healthy Grow- Reduces breakage and gives you strong hair- Makes hair visibly fuller- Progressive Nourishment- Per Carton 24 Bottles- 340ml

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Dove Shampoo helps keep your hair moisturized without weighing it down, giving you beautifully healthy and nourished hair. Sometimes there’s nothing better than generously applying the best conditioner you can get your hands on and counting the minutes until you get to unveil the finished results, knowing that at the end of your routine, bouncy healthy-looking hair will be yours. 

Like skin, our hair can have varying needs. Craving moisture? Our Daily Moisture Conditioner will help keep your hair moisturized, without weighing it down. Hair looking damaged? For times when it needs a bit of extra love, give our Intensive Repair Conditioner a try: restoring that smooth feeling and preventing split ends, it’ll leave you with luscious locks that’ll have your friends demanding you spill your secrets. Looking for a new scent? Dove Coconut and Hydration Conditioner leave hair beautifully scented with coconut and sweet lime. 

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