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SCP320C Series

SANY forklift truck can not only handle large-tonnage cargo, but also support maintenance, discharge and installation of important equipment. With special attachments, it can handle steel, stone, concrete, wood, 20’ container, etc. the forklift is reliable and highly efficient with hoisting capacity from 10 to 46 tons. Various attachments and masts are provided to meet your different requirements.


Intelligent Anti-Rollover Protection


Adopt intelligent control technology to detect equipment's real-time working parameters and prevent rollover operation. It is highly intelligent, ensuring safety and worry-free operation.


Cargo Fall-off Protection Technology


The technology can automatically control the position of the attachment, preventing cargo fall in emergencies such as sudden brake or making a turn.


Automatic Fire Extinguishing Technology


The pipeline network automatic fire extinguisher with a strong spray can realize fire alarm, anti-flaming and fire extinction functions. The fireproof performance is steady and reliable.


Reliable Power System


Using world famous brand engines like VOLVO and CUMMINS which are reliable in quality and strong in power, combining the advanced power matching and control technology, the equipment is greatly optimized in dynamic performance. Scientific and appropriate protection for the engine and gearbox will significantly prolong their longevity.


Attachment Quick Change Technology


The attachment can be switched quickly, so as to realize efficient work under different working conditions.


Quick Dismantling Technology for Counter Balance Weight


The counterbalance weight adopts the pin fork fixation method. The counterbalance weight is easy to dismantle. It is suitable for working condition that requires frequent hoisting from the ground to the cabin.


Power on Demand- Control System


Automatically recognize dynamic power according to load change and adjust engine speed accordingly. The output power automatically accommodates to load and work conditions, greatly reducing energy consumption. Automatically adjust the pump displacement according to the load, realizing high precision flow control. The effect of energy-saving and consumption reduction is remarkable.


Variants of Attachments


We provide no’s of attachments & also quick interchangeability function to ensure the cost economic approach & the substantial saving on the time. The various attachments are as followings. Capacity Application Fork 16t/ 18t/ 25t/ 30t/ 32t/ 35t/ 46t Large tonnage Cargo Clamp 16t/ 18t/ 25t/ 30t/ 32t/ 35t/ 46t Wood Coil Ram 16t/ 18t/ 25t/ 30t/ 32t/ 35t/ 46t Steel Coils Container Spreader 9t Container Truck Frame Handler 4.5t Chassis


Variants of Mast


We have three varieties of a mast which is individually fit for the range of applications. A. Standard Mast: Meet ordinary work conditions, with mast lifting buffer position limitation protection technology. B. Duplex Full Free Lift mast: Suitable for a narrow place like ship cabin with lift range exceeding 2000mm. C. Triplex Full Free Lift mast: Equipment height is lowered by 20% & mast center of gravity lowered by 10%.

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