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Shodagor Super Miniket Rice 25 kg(1255 taka to 1380 taka Per Sack)

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Shosyo Utsob

৳1,380.00 /Per Sack

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Shodagor Miniket rice is white & extra long in size, has a beautiful aroma. Its properties have a high nutritious value. Because of its long grains, it is easy to digest.

Miniket rice has many sorts of fitness benefits. The rice is effortless to digest. Creates no trouble for the stomach. This rice consists of distinctive meals values in it. Some of the advantages are listed below:

  • Has fiber that reduces the digestion problem.
  • Miniket has herbal oil.
  • Contains Vitamin B, thiamin, and anti-oxidant.
  • Rich in Vitamin B 1.
  • Has a first rate quantity of Vitamin B3 & B6.
  • Helpful in a thyroid problem
  • The magnesium in it is desirable for the stomach.
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