SME Health Care Combo Set (Disinfectant spray, Hand wash, Hand sanitizer, Face mask, Air freshener, Aerosol)

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SME Health Care product combo play an essential role in our daily life. It Giving you a complete combo that will keep you healthy life.

Sepnil Disinfectant Spray - 300ml

Sepnil Disinfectant Spray protects you from 99.99% cold, flu, COVID-19 and other germs by killing with its effective formula.

Sepnil Natural Sanitizing Handwash(Marigold)

Ordinary hand wash can only wash away the visible dirt or grime at most. However, your hands endure more than dirt every single day. Sepnil is fortified with essential ingredients that heal the invisible abrasions and scratches so your hands can remain at their best health! 

Sepnil Fruity Sanitizing Hand Wash(Orange)

Protects your kid’s hands from unseen germs caused by daily activities and provides care for these little hands’ sensitive skin. It’s refreshing orange fragrance leaves a pleasant aroma that your kid will love.

Sepnil Instant Hand Sanitizer

Sepnil Instant Hand Sanitizer meets your personal healing and cleansing needs. The convenient form of this product ensures protection on the go. Sepnil Instant Hand Sanitizer ascertains and removes 99.9% germs.

Sepnil Face Mask

Spring Air Freshener(Orange Fresh, Floral Fresh)


Bring in a whiff of refreshing fragrance into your home with Spring Air Fresheners. You might get carried away a little and wonder whether it’s your home or an orchard. 

Xpel Aerosol

Xpel aerosol is made from an effective formula that is potent against the buzzing threat of mosquitoes. Once sprayed, Xpel aerosol quickly spreads to the targeted areas and kills mosquitoes swiftly. On top of the total elimination of mosquitoes, the pleasant fragrance of Lavender in Xpel will fill your surroundings with a delightful floral essence, making sure your days and nights are both enjoyable and free of mosquito problems.

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