Transtec Titanium RAC TSA-24TNM

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Transtec Titanium RAC | TSA-24TNM  has a golden fin that protects the outdoor unit from external damages caused by humidity, salty condition, acidic condition with its anti-corrosive golden coating. It also helps to protect condenser coils from getting rusty. Blue fin has a highly dehumidifying characteristic. It increases the cooling capacity of AC and gets less dusty. It increases the cooling capacity of AC and expands its lifespan. Stronger against corrosion caused by humidity, dust, etc. It is highly dehumidifying so that, which prevents the accumulation of water on the fin surface. Also, the water droplets do not stick to the surface and fall without facing any resistance. 

Four-Way Air Swing which is newly introduced in Transtec Titanium series AC that helps to spread the airflow corner - to - corner inside the room. It can flow cool air in up-down and left-right direction, so take less time to complete entire room cooling.

Activated carbon filter deactivates 99% of bacteria from airflow. So that it helps to keep the air clean. Ensures clean and fresh air for better breathing.

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