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PFL KIDMEAL Milk Powder (STAGE-2) 400mg

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PFL Kidmeal Stage 2 is a spray dried follow up formula
designed for infants to take from 6 to 12 months. PFL Kidmeal stage 2 contains
Pre-Biotics supports gut immunity, enhances absorption of nutrients, Help in
growth and development. It contains Nucleotides, FOS & GOS.

·    Contains 28
Vitamins & Minerals

·     Specially
Designed Infant formula closer to Breast Milk

·     Infant formula which offers PRE-BIOTICS, which supports gut immunity, enhances
absorption of nutrients

·      Contains 100% Lactose, No Sucrose

·        Contains Nucleotides

Whey Protein: Casein
Protein 70:30, improves protein bioavailability, rapid gastric emptying
& easy digestibility

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