Large Customize 48V 400Ah Lithium ion LiFePO4 Battery

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lithium battery

৳405,000.00 /Per Piece

(1000 available)

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Polinovel Lithium Ion Battery Features

· Customized battery size, specification and function to fit specific application

· Offering maximum

energy in limited size, optimum battery performance

· Expert engineering team provide effective customize technical solutions

· Patented screw fastening structure and intelligent BMS

· Trustworthy innovative lithium battery manufacturer



Custom Design


lifepo4 battery size, shape, charge-discharge current, terminals, and

other additional functions (such as RS485 communication, LCD screen)

to perfectly fit the specific application.


Maximum Power 

Offering maximum

energy in limited size. Consider from actual application requirements,

scientifically design individual battery voltage, capacity to provide

optimum battery performance.


Effective Solution

Expert engineering

team understanding your ideas and quickly providing you lifepo4 battery

solutions, it is the best choice to quickly find the right battery for your

specific application.



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lithium battery
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