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Product Overview     

GML601-A general-purpose ultrasonic material (liquid) position meter is a Powerful ultrasonic level transmitter, which has taken advantage of many kinds of level instruments at home and abroad. The universal level meter with full digital and humanized design concept has perfect level measurement and control, data transmission and human-computer communication. This product adopts modular circuit design, military quality multi-layer PCB board, compact hardware structure, and reasonable layout. This product supports isolated 4-20mA output, built-in GPRS, RF, LORA, Bluetooth, Wifi to achieve wireless data transmission such as the Internet of Things, support MiniSD card data acquisition or USB storage, can also add modules to achieve other functions according to customer needs.

GML601-A uses imported industrial-grade chips, digital temperature compensation, etc… related ASICs. It has a strong anti-interference ability, can set arbitrarily upper and lower limit nodes and online output adjustment, and has an on-site display. The outer casing is made of engineering plastic ABS waterproof casing, and the casing is compact and quite sturdy. This product can meet most liquid level and material level measurement requirements without touching industrial media, and completely solves the shortcomings such as winding, clogging, leakage, medium corrosion and inconvenience caused by traditional measurement methods such as pressure type, capacitance type, and float type. Therefore, it can be widely used in various fields related to material level and liquid level measurement and control. This product has been tested and approved by the national authority. This product meets the requirements of GB3836.1-2010 and GB3836.4-20010 national standards. The explosion-proof mark is ExiaIIBT4Gb.

Technical Parameter                                                                                                                                                                   

 Range 0~40m (selected when ordering)
 Blind zone <0.25-2m (different depending on the range)
 Display resolution 1mm (minimum)
 Frequency 20KHz ~ 2000KHz
 Accuracy ±0.25%FS
 Temperature compensation Automatic temperature compensation
 Display Four eight-segment LED digital tube, OLED Chinese and English menu 
 Output Analog output signal: 0 ~ 20mA; 4 ~ 20mA load > 300Ω; 0 ~ 5V; 0 ~ 10V
RS-485 (supports Modbus)
Three-way NPN
 Power supply DC12~28V;AC220V
 Power consumption <1.5W

Φ74mm×132mm×G1 1/2(2m range)

Φ92mm×198mm×M60(5m~15m range)
Φ92mm×270mm×DN80Non-standard flange(20m~40m range)
 Installation interface M30×1.5, G1 1/2
 Shell material ABS engineering plastic or nylon
 Protection level IP65 (can be customized for a higher degree of protection)
 Explosion-proof grade EXiaIIBT4Gb (selected when ordering)
 Working environment Normal Temperature and normal pressure
 Storage humidity ≤80%RH without condensation

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Product Features                                                                                                                     

1. Wide voltage range and can work in DC voltage of 12-28V

2. Backup and restore settings

3. Can measure a variety of physical quantities

4. Can adjust the analog output function arbitrarily

5. With full-scale start and endpoint arbitrary setting function

6. With value-added/difference ranging selection, both distance and level can be measured

7. With 0-100 emission pulse intensity can be set according to working conditions

8. With built-in GPRS, RF, LORA, Bluetooth, Wifi to achieve Internet of Things

9. OLED Chinese and English menu with self-illumination

10. Manually set fixed interference filtering function

11. Measurable level, liquid level, volume, weight, etc.

12. Can adjust the analog output arbitrarily

13. With digital filtering and echo recognition

14. Support custom sound speed (special substance measurement)

15. Support custom serial data format

16. Support for custom math function operations

17. Support three or four-wire system

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